We Have Been Busy Little Elves

December 14, 2012 Rosie 3 Comments

We have been so busy working on Christmas Orders. Unfortunately, we have been neglecting our blog once again. I promise to start posting some pictures next week. I will be setting some time aside over the weekend to schedule some posts.

I get help from my daughter and hubby takes over some household chores (shh don't tell anyone). If I didn't have their support and help, I think I would go insane.

Do you track  your orders? We will start doing this in 2013.

We are already getting Valentine's Day requests and I'm happy my customers love our stuff. I say OUR because I don't do this alone.

How  do you stay on top of everything? How do you stay organized while crafting? Any help/advice would be appreciated.


  1. That's wonderful that you're getting so many orders and Valentine ones already. I too have been super busy. I can't wait to see what suggestions people have.

    Be blessed, Beckie

  2. Just stoppping by to thank you for your lovely comment on my card. I really enjoy reading them and am tickled pink to see a new face!. You have a lovely blog you are one talented lady! As far as chores I am so far behing I sometimes think I am going backwards.LOL!
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season and I hope you get everything done.

  3. congrats....Merry Christmas!

    enjoy *~*