They Don't Understand How Hard It Is

Why can't our kids understand how hard it is for us parents to let go and let them grow up? We have devoted 18+ years to caring for them, making sure they are safe, hopefully teaching them life lessons and praying that they don't make the same mistakes that we did. As a parent it's hard for me to see them make mistakes but sometimes they need to learn on their own.

My baby girl will soon be 24 years old. She's always concentrated on her studies. Lately, she has decided to get a life (how dare she). Of course I'm going to worry when she's not within arm's reach. I try very hard not to worry. I am trying not to text her so much when she goes out. I'm a worry wart and I always have been.

My son is 30 years old and lives in another state and I worry tremendously about him. He has caught on to what I am doing so now he knows that I call every Sunday morning to make sure he survived the weekend. He always texts me "I'm alive, Mom" and we laugh and continue our conversation. No matter what age our children are they will always be our babies. I always think of the worse case scenario. The world is not the same world we grew up in. I hope they understand it's because I love them and not because I'm trying to control their every move.

I trust them both to make the right choices in life. It's all the other people they encounter along the way that worry me. I'm very grateful that my daughter still likes to hang out with me and my son still calls me every other day. I am proud to have raised such awesome children who I know will go far in life. 

I'M BACK!!!!!!

WOW!  I can't believe it's been close to 1 1/2 years since I have blogged.  I've been so busy and kind of put this on the backburner.

I have crafted here and there and posted my crafts mostly on my Facebook. Our latest project was a huge success.

We sold over 80 of these babies, and still counting! We mostly do local orders now. Every once in a while we will ship orders.

This blog has always been my crafting blog, but I'm more than just about crafting. So this is going to be my "whatever I want to post about" blog. Make sure to sign up for emails on top and follow my blog so you're up to date on things.

I'm going to try and post at least 2-3 times a week, but it's not set in stone. I will probably showcase a couple of our past projects as we are in the middle of organizing the craft area between work, school, and life.

Living in the 80's

Made this shirt for husband's aunt who turned 80 on Christmas Day.  We used Varsity font for the back of the shirt (LERMA 80). I can't recall the font for the front of the shirt.

Halloween Themed Birthday Treat Box

These were treat boxes made for my great niece for her Halloween themed birthday party. We filled them candy. The kids loved them! 
These cupcakes were made by cousin Clara


We have been so busy these last three months!  We are finally getting some down time. We did miss some sale items for Mother's Day and Father's Day. We are okay with it since we have been swamped with orders lately.

We will slowly post the items that we make.

We bought these chairs at Walmart. They are so cute for toddlers. We used Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge for the names. Both of these little girls loved their chairs. One of them even takes it to her bedroom at night so no one will sit on it. That's too cute.

Easter Bunny Teddy Bear Cards

I just love the Teddy Bear Parade Cartridge, they have the cutest bears. 

Egg Shaped Card- Art Philosophy CTMH cartridge  cut at 51/4"'
Easter Bunny Bears- Teddy Bear Parade Cartridge cut at 3'
Happy Easter Sentiment- Easter Treats 2 
Ink - on sentiment CTMH Cotton Candy Z2193

You Crack Me Up

We made this super cute Easter Treat for the kids this year. These M&M sticks are always requested from our customers for different holidays.

1 X 8 Bag Jaded Blossom Bag
Treat Bag Die Jaded Blossom 
You crack me up Sentiment- Easter Treats 2 
Chick- Create a Critter 2 - cut at 1 1/2 inch
Bow- Trendy Twine