July has been a crazy month for us

July 25, 2012 Rosie 2 Comments

For those of you that have entered the challenge, I have not forgotten about you. My daughter will pick the winners tomorrow and on Wednesday we will notify you which prize you won. Life has been crazy around here for the last 3 weeks. My vacation started being very relaxing then went down hill from there. First our inside AC unit went out; not good with 100 degree weather. Turns out we needed to replace the whole unit. Then, our living room TV went out so we were without AC and no TV for a few days. Of course we have extra TV's but enjoy watching it in the living room. Day 3 of my vacation mother nature decides to rain heavily here in San Antonio, Texas, causing two trees to fall one in the back yard then one in the front yard barely missing my sons car by inches. I called to get trees cut down and put on our front yard since we received a notice we were having yearly brush pick up. It turns out I read the notice wrong; not brush pick up but bulky items pick up. That evening we went to go price TV's and when we arrive home I have a notice I need to remove brush ASAP! I have had to pay to get trees cut, called several people, and finally found someone who said they would come remove it for a decent price. Come Monday morning he never showed up! :( I receive a call later in the day from our city brush collection notice I will be sent a bill since I was in violation. Good thing I made calls on Thursday when I realized I made a mistake and read the notice incorrectly. I call on Sunday letting them know I received notice and will have someone pick it up. My only salvation is they didn't specify a date and time. They are considering waiving the fee; I should find out something in a few weeks. Day 4: I had to reorganize and purge my craft area to accommodate the new window units. I had to get rid of my big desk and get a smaller one. I'm still trying to go through everything; I didn't realize I had so much stuff. By Friday of my vacation I didn't want to get up. All in all it was a pretty stressful week, but I didn't let me get too stressed; I just handled each situation one day at a time. It's all slowly getting back to normal, woo hoo. I also have alot of projects to post on here. It can only get better! -Rosie


  1. So sorry you had a stressful vacation. Hopefully things are getting better for you and that your daughter had an Awesome Birthday!

  2. Yep that's usually the way things happen. lol The bright side is that you could have been working while having to deal with all the distractions. I am so glad things are getting back to normal for you all!

    Precious Hugs