Hello Kitty Birthday Challenge

June 26, 2012 Rosie 3 Comments

Greetings Fellow Crafters,
My baby girl will be celebrating  her 19th Birthday on July 18, 2012. With summer being here and kids out of school I know it's hard for many to commit to Blog Hops.

I seriously thought we had our last birthday for last year but she asked her daddy if we were going to have another party and he couldn't say no, LOL.

For one she is the baby of the family and she has done so well with school. I'm very proud of her; she graduated high school at 16.  It took a lot of hard work and determination to complete this task. Ruth gave up two summers and went to night school, even when the counselors told her it was not possible. What they didn't understand is you don't tell a young determined teenager she can't do something.

She then went straight to college again, even going in the summer. She has big dreams and we want to make sure she accomplishes everything she wants to do in life.  This summer we made her take a break. She has been non-stop since 16. At first, she was not happy about it but now she is enjoying her youth and her summer. Sleeping in, hanging out, and just being a teen. 

So with all  this being said I would appreciate if the crafty world would join me and wish her a Happy 19th Birthday and if you submit a project via Linky we have several prizes lined up.  If I get more sponsors I will add them as I recieve confirmation.


The Scrapbooking Queen
You can check out her awesome blog: http://www.thescrapbookingqueen.com/

Check out all of her items in her store here: http://royalcastleshoppe.bigcartel.com/
we are giving away

If you would like to mail my daughter Ruth the projects please feel free to do so, just email me at rosiemini@gmail.com  However, it's not necessary to win. What young girl does not like to receive birthday cards.

We also have a another giveaway once we reach 200, help us reach that goal so close but yet so far

5 wonderful prizes so far up for grabs :)
My daughter will pick her favorite projects we will post winners on  July 20th you will have two weeks to claim your prize.


  1. awh... what a great idea for your daughter! Hope the celebration is an awesome! I will try to join the fun!!

  2. so love this idea and her dedication. I hope to get something fun made!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ruth! Hope all of your dreams come true. Hard work pays off girl! It always brings me a warm and fuzzy feeling when parents talk so great about their kids and their achievements which is also a reflection of the parent -in most cases.[Mama Mini and Papa Mini looks like you did a great job!] Hope your party is awesome (just with a H.K. theme I think it will LOL)