The History of Domingo Bustillos

July 05, 2017 Rosie 0 Comments

Domingo Esteban Bustillos, was born August 1779, in Bexar County, Texas, and died November 1854. Domingo Bustillos, my 7th great-grandfather, has a very rich history in San Antonio, Texas. I am honored to have him as an ancestor. I have been trying to research my family history and I never seemed to make any real progress. I've been a collector of documents and my genealogy is a chaotic mess. With the help of my daughter, we will be trying to organize all my paperwork which will be one lengthy project. I think my frustration is that we have so many lines to research and I feel like I’m going in circles. My vow to my ancestors is that I’m finally going to get it together and get all this paperwork organized so I can tell their stories. I’ve been meeting with family historians and they have been very helpful in showing me how to get organized. I will be sharing my ancestor’s stories, a little at a time, and I will also be sharing other researcher’s work in future posts. I have received permission from the individuals to share their stories. If it wasn't for my grandmother's quest for knowledge about our family history I would have never gone down this path. I want to thank my elders for the research they have done. I hope to make them proud and finish what they started. With the proper documentation, I was able to prove my lineage to Domingo Bustillos, which I find to be a very important part of the process. In my experience dealing with vital documents, I have found it be very important to search for name misspellings if you are unable to locate a document. I have run into a few of those incidents so far with several family members.

I want to thank my cousin Erika A. Haskins for all her hard work in putting this together for the Handbook of Texas Online.

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Uploaded on April 28, 2015. Published by the Texas State Historical Association